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A unique base mix incorporating our exclusive beef liver powder and pro biotic yeasts. This protein-rich recipe is designed to be different from the norm and is specifically formulated to maximise feeding attraction via a pathway of nutritional recognition. Key ingredients: Modified beef liver powder, multiple autolysed yeasts, pro-biotics, milk proteins, milk derivatives, soya proteins, cereals, spices, vitamins and extracts. Sensia is alternative bait that stimulates the 5th Sense of taste known as ‘umami’. Use this fine powder to make boilies or paste bait for carp or barbel.  Highly recommended for use with JB flavour blends:   Roast Chicken, Ala Salar, Chicken Tikka, ASM, Muskspice and ‘The SIZZ’.

For best results use minimal free offerings applied on a little and often basis.

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1Kg, 5Kg