Big Rivers


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A tactical river bait when large carp and barbel are a multi-option quarry. This bait is formulated as a specific alternative to the oily type pellets and fishmeal based baits that are often over-used on rivers. The key ingredients:  Milk proteins, skimmed milk powder, full fat milk powders, whey protein, hydrolysed fish and liver extracts, pro-biotic enzyme active yeast blends, cereals, spices and vitamins. Acts as an aide to fish digestion and promotes overall well-being. This base mix makes-up into a dense and quite heavy bait and this helps it to sink quickly in fast flowing waters such as: The Thames, Trent, Hampshire Avon, The Wye and The Severn. Use with low-levels of recommended JB Flavours and additives. Suitable for use during all seasons and conditions.

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