JOHN BAKER BAITS: Flavour dose rate guide for making boilies, chop-ups & paste

Making bait recipes with multiple blends of flavour
For extra complexity and to help create a unique flavour and taste profile we highly recommend that two or three flavours are carefully mixed together with the eggs during preparation. This tactic is extremely effective, and will require careful experimentation dependent on the target species. Many unique variations are possible. These flavours are very strong! It is advisable to use low dose rates, and measure accurately!

*MAXIMUM TOTAL DOSE RATE FOR 1 x EGG hook bait recipe should be no more than 1.5ml!

Boiling times – and general notes for making paste and using additives:
Make sure the water is kept steadily ‘on-the-boil’ throughout the whole of the cooking time.
Cook boilies and chop-up’s of 16-18ml in size for 60-90 seconds. 20-22ml size boilies may need longer.
12-14mm size boilies require less boiling time, say 30-50 seconds. Minimal boiling times are preferable. For Supermilk, Milk & Honey and Buttermilk base mixes, use a short boiling time, say, 30 – 50 seconds.
‘Air-dry’ boilies & chop-up’s, naturally on a wire tray for 6 -12 hours depending on the hardness required. Use prepared/dried/finished bait as fresh as possible or ‘bag-up’ and feeeze in small batches for use later.
Paste bait is one of the best ways to present our High quality HNV base mixes and flavour combinations.
It is highly recommended that a MAXIMUM OF HALF the usual flavour level is used in paste bait recipes.
The design of the base mix is a key part of the bait’s attraction. Further additives should not be needed!
Half to one teaspoon of soya oil, sunflower oil or salmon oil per egg will help make paste soft and pliable.
Milk & Honey & Buttermilk Base Mixes contain inherent natural sweeteners – no extra sweetener is needed.