Custom Shop

The ‘Custom Shop’ has evolved from a service I have already been offering to friends.

My aim is to work very closely with specialist anglers to provide a different and innovative approach to tactical bait design. This works in harmony with the boilie rolling service and offers great potential for targeted results. Please keep a close watch on this section of the website as I will be introducing various new and unusual products at any time!

Freshly Rolled Boilies

Please choose from my base mixes and also take a few moments to browse through the flavour and additive sections. I will be very pleased to help with decisions on recipe and tactics as part of a focused bait strategy. All bait is freshly made by us.

Email enquiries & questions:


Boilie Prices & Sizes for ‘Standard Recipes’
Minimum Boilie order amount: 10Kg
Typical lead time for boilie orders: 1-2 weeks

SIZE: 15mm to 22mm – £10.99 per Kilo
SIZE: 12mm – £12.99 per Kilo

Special Products/ Services

  • Customised Base Mix Design
  • Flavour Bends
  • Tactical Advice