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John Baker Baits is an established brand of quality since 1978. We have an intimate understanding of specialist bait and bait ingredients. We know that a good bait is one of the few edges left in today’s pressured world of big-fish angling.

Our experience helps us create balanced and nutritious recipes using a wide range of top-class ingredients. We are continually developing special bait flavourings and additives. Our custom made baits for carp, barbel and chub are unique in their field and can be relied upon to catch fish on the most challenging venues.

jbAll products developed by us are continually reviewed and tested. This ensures our bait catches fish consistently from the first time it is used! We are plaeased to help with questions on bait making and bait application.

Our approach may be a little different to others, but our greatest reward is knowing that our customers are catching fish and getting the best results from our products.